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Keep Breathing October 27, 2009

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So today my mother asked to visit me at Christmas along with my father.¬† ūüėź¬† At first I was pretty angry about it.¬† No attempt at resolving what happened¬†– just we’ll visit and it’ll all be ok.¬† So I wrote her and told her (nicely)¬†I would prefer a more peaceful Christmas.¬† That the last two Christmases were awful and I was tired of all the drama.¬† That’s not what Christmas is supposed to be about is it?¬† It’s supposed to be people giving to others and spending time with people in a positive way.¬† So I said no.¬† It’s the right thing to do but it feels quite awful to deny your family a visit.


Archery October 11, 2009

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So yesterday, in my effort to try new things, I tried archery with a friend Scadian friends.¬† I really was thinking it would be nice to hang out with people, which it was.¬† That was all I was expecting from archery.¬† But it’s really fun!¬† I’m going to try it a few more times before I start thinking about taking it up completely.¬† I didn’t expect it to be so up my alley.¬† It’s all about form and repetition, kind of like calligraphy.¬† I like getting my aggressions out in a constructive way (that means shooting at a target is cathartic).¬† And it’s going to take awhiel to master.¬† I think I needed a new thing to master really.¬† This might be it.¬† Frankly, it’s going to take awhile.¬† My shoulders are achy today and I barely hit anything yesterday.¬† But next week!!!


Glee – I hope it lasts forever! October 6, 2009

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Tonight I went to some friends’ house to visit.¬† After dinner we sat down and watched three episodes of Glee, a new tv show about a high school glee club.¬† It’s really funny, spot on how high school is/was, and the singing and dancing are great.¬† OK the singing is great and the dancing is not great on purpose.¬† It’s kind of like Fame gone awry.¬†¬† The only down side is that I’ve now got a song stuck in my head with no idea what it could be.¬† My only hope is that the cheerios go down….


American Amber Ale October 5, 2009

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Sorry for the long wait.¬† I know you’re all dying to know my thoughts on this, that, and whatever.¬† So tonight it will be on Rogue American Amber Ale.¬† Yet again, I went for the Hazelnut only to find out that everyone else had as well.¬† Sold out.¬† So I’m trying American Amber Ale.¬† I would say it’s got a smooth taste to it but the aftertaste is a bit tangy.¬† I really prefer the creamier, caramelier taste of the hazelnut.¬† This one is lighter tasting, which is good for such a fine evening.¬† Good summery kind of beer.¬† Not my favorite but not bad either.¬† I’d drink it again if it came my way.


Rogue Dead Guy Ale September 12, 2009

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Tonight I went to Whole Foods to get a couple of beers (thanks to a recent visit from K).¬† I got a beer called Raisin D’etre, which I tried earlier this week.¬† It’s really good – good enough to try again.¬† I also got a Rogue Dead Guy Ale Oregon Brewed.¬† I tried Rogue at the Pasty Company last week and loved it.¬† That one¬†had a very¬†caramel-ly aftertaste.¬† The one I got tonight must have been a different kind because it didn’t have that same taste.¬† It was a good beer, just a little more tart than I¬†prefer.¬† I’ll just have to keep an eye out for the other Rogue next time.


Downward Facing Dog Day

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Over the summer I decided I needed to do yoga A LOT more.¬† So I bought a monthly pass while I was vacation and went a few times a week.¬† I felt amazing!¬† My body felt more grounded for starters.¬† I felt relaxed after weeks of being stressed out.¬† It’s so funny how we can adapt to the circumstances and¬†make the best of it, isn’t it?¬† It¬†helps gets us through the hard parts, but sometimes we forget what the good parts look like and feel like.¬† Yoga helps me re-connect with the good life.¬† It helps me hear what I’m really thinking.¬† You know what I’ve realized?¬† I think A LOT about food!¬† It’s pretty disgusting how often I think about eating.¬† What’s with that???¬†

Anyway.¬† Then the¬†Blissful Vacation ended and yoga with it.¬† Man, I¬†was a mess!¬† So at the end of August I started back at it with a plan – do yoga once or twice a week for a year.¬† Just do it.¬† No matter what my mind was telling me – it’s too expensive mostly.¬† So I did it.¬† All signs point to YES.¬†¬†Immediately, I felt aligned again.¬† One night I went and a school parent showed up to teach.¬†¬†She gave a free¬†class, just¬†when I needed it most!¬† The Universe heard me asking, nay screaming, for yoga and delivered it to me in my box at school (a Glenn Beck book maybe, yoga never in my wildest dreams).

Back to today.¬† This morning I spontaneously went¬†to a Level 1-2 class with a teacher I like but she’s chatty.¬†¬†She was having school problems that I felt I could help with¬†so I felt good that I could give her something.¬† And she was very quiet and contemplative which¬†is what I needed.¬† It was more Vinyasa to boot¬†so it¬†was super challenging.¬† I don’t think I’ve spent that much time in Down Dog before!¬† My shoulders are very thankful.¬†¬†To think I almost didn’t go.¬† Now I feel wonderful!¬†